Ghosts of 33rd Street examines the journey of the Baltimore fan base as they lost their beloved Colts and their search for a new football identity.

Love Letters to the Shore the story begins with testimonials and interviews of people from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. From people returning to the shore after having left or people living presently on the shore, all describe what the Eastern Shore means to them, and as they hit the foot of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, what it feels like to be coming home.


Kholst an international art company that specializes in emerging Russian and other European artists and their art. Kholst will look to open art studios in Miami and Moscow in 2021.


Tez Live a skin care company that has partnered with BullittPoint Properties to bring a high end skin care line to public, as well as opening a Med Spa in Hollywood, Florida and starting Tez Academy in the winter.


Lounge Barre BullittPoint will launch a wholly fashion line that will focus on the cutting edge fashion leisure market.

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